14 March 2007

Change of Plans

Last minute change of plans and train ride later find me in Warsaw instead of Kiev.

A half hour before my planned departure from Krakow I called ahead to a tour agency in Kiev to organize an excursion out to the ruins of Chernobyl and the disaster area, a visit here was my main reason to go to Ukraine. The man on the other end of the line surprised me with the news that entrance into the "exclusion zone" is out of the question until after April 2. This would be far too late in my schedule to wait around, so I thought quick and considered my options.

I recieved a refund for my ticket and bought a new one to the capital of Poland. Today I plan on taking a bus out of town and begin the journey to Tallinn, Estonia.

Warsaw is a modern city dotted with skyscrapers, including one left over from the communist era. I have not explored the city yet, but will do so today.

In Tallinn I hope to find a beautifully preserved city along the Baltic Sea. At least that's as how I have read this city described.

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