05 May 2007

Eichstätt Makes it on TV

At the beginning of April, while I was still traveling, a news film crew was in town for a segment about international students studying at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. Apparently, there are students here from at least 70 nations around the world. The report may be in German, but it still offers some glimpses of the campus. If you want to see it go to this link: http://www.intv.de/

Once at the page go down on the center scroll bar to a rectagle that reads, "teleschau-Archiv." Click that and then select April 15 on the calendar that appears. After that you still see the calendar, but scroll down to the first heading titled, "Betreuung ausländischer Stundenten." Click that and the video clip should start playing. It lasts nearly three minutes.

The news crew interviewed two new foreign students for the piece. One is from Russia and the other from America. I don't think it's too difficult to determine which one is the American.


mom said...

Nick, that clip was interesting to listen to in spite of not having a clue what they were saying for the most part.

Nick O. said...

I'm glad you found it so.