29 July 2007

Vacation within a Vacation

The semester is completely at an end and I'm currently in France. I only have a few weeks left in Europe, as such I want to make the most of it. Mariko and I are staying with Pauline in the extreme northeast corner of France. Yesterday we drove to the coast and took in the views on some seacliffs from where one can see Britain on a clear day. In a couple days we should cross that watery gap and visit my dream city: London. The British capital is perhaps my most anticipated European city to visit, or at least the one I have desired to experience for the longest amount of time. Look forward to many photographs and more details in about a week when I return to Eichstaett.


natalie i comment way too much said...

FRANCE. JEALOUS. I think I'm about to buy a one-way ticket there and live in the streets until some nice couple takes me in and lets me wash dishes in their restaurant for free baguettes and caramel crepes.
But back to you.
I bet it will be strange to be in London and be surrounded by English speakers. Hope you come back with an accent!

Nick O. said...

Natalie: Yes, it was a bit odd being surrounded by English again. And France was very similar to my last visit, but with a lot more seafood.