16 December 2008

Christmastime in Eichstätt

Because I will probably not be writing on Fire at Will again until after the Christmas break, I thought I would provide one more post before the holiday. Here are several images from the Christmas season in Eichstätt.

There has been snow on the ground, in some fresh or slushy form, for at least the past two weeks. It is already more snow than I am used to seeing, and more that I experienced in my entire first year in Eichstätt. The first picture shows the view of Willibaldsburg from my patio .

The Adventsmarkt, Eichstätt's version of the German Christmas markets, took place on the first two weekends of December, or the first two weekends in Advent. The stalls sold several cups of warm Glühwein, grilled sausages, and rosted chestnuts. I attended the market nearly every night it was open in order to make the most of the short-lived event. In first photograh below, from left to right, are Eric's brother, who visited for the weekend, Eric, Hannah, Alice, and Julia. In the second image are Hannah and Christine, a student from eastern Germany.

A couple of nights ago, as new snow was falling over the town, I grabbed my camera and took to the streets. In the following picture you can see the decorated Domplatz and the cathedral in the background.

This is a look at Eichstätt's city hall and one of its Christmas trees.

The same star decorations hung over the town's streets during my first year abroad.

The Marktplatz was virtually empty in the night hours as it turned white with snow and glowed with the light of the Christmas decorations.

Heading out of the old town center, most of the streets were equally quiet.

The following day I was able to find an accessible third-story window in the town center that provided a glimpse of the snow-covered rooftops.

As the photographs show, Eichstätt is a beautiful place to enjoy and experience the Christmas season.
Enjoy the holidays, and look forward to my next post in a couple of weeks.
Merry Christmas

Fröhliche Weihnachten

Happy New Year

Ein gutes neues Jahr


Brummbärchen said...

I really want to be in Eichstätt right now.
Sorry my internet just junked out on me when we were talking the other day. How about I head up on the night of the 2nd?

Nick said...

My name is Eichstädt, but I've never been there.