25 April 2009

The Summer Semester Dawning

This is a quick post to confirm that I am indeed back in Eichstätt after my lengthy travels. The new semester will began this Monday. Actually, it already started for most students, but my classes do not start until the coming week.

After my last post I headed to France, where I stayed with a friend from Eichstätt for about a week in the periphery of Paris. Specifically, the town was called Fountainebleau and is home to a famous forest and a former palace of the French royalty. We drove back to Eichstätt together after some short stops in the cities of Reims and Nancy. In the prior we took a tour of a champagne cellar.

The very next day after my return to Germany, I awoke early in the morning in order to pick up my parents from the Munich airport. They stayed for a total of 17 days. During this time we took several day trips from Eichstätt, rented a car to travel through the Black Forest, spent a night in Strasbourg, France, and rounded up the visit with a relatively brief stay in Munich.

My parents returned to America on April 20, and later that afteroon I picked up yet another guest, a friend from America in Germany mainly to visit her sister studying abroad, and we traveled back to Eichstätt. She left the next morning to return to her sister and eventually home in the U.S.

That was the beginning of this week. Now, as I type this, I am waiting for Dylan to arrive for another short stay. By Sunday afternoon all of my planned visits and traveling for the semester break will conclude, and just in time for my first class at 9:30 in the morning.

I do intend, all in good time, to post pictures from my solo trip. More photos and detailed stories are also on the way from my parent's visit.

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Just waiting for the "ham" beer commerical / haha