31 July 2009

Summer Vacation

As of this week the semester here has ended. Grades are turned in, and most of the students have deserted Eichstätt. I've been staying busy over the last few weeks with the work for my classes and saying goodbye to friends. The great news I can share with you is that I will be teaching here for at least one more semester, if not two. After another year of being here, the feeling is the same after my year studying abroad: I've traveled to many places in Europe, yet so many more remain.

I will be flying home for a visit lasting through most of September, until then I will stick around Eichstätt and Bavaria. No major plans are foreseen, but I will likely take some short trips in the region. Now that I have much more free time on my hands I will also be creating some new posts covering the events from the last month.

Look forward for more posts in the coming week, and hopefully, as I've said before, you'll be able to understand the reduced frequency of my writing.

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Anonymous said...

Nicholas / well guess your glad school is over relative to your admin duties. Sure you will miss your friends. Hey, have you ever thought about going to Montreux, Switzerland? Hear it's really pretty.