01 April 2007

Bon jour

I now find myself staying with Nawell and her family in Nantes, France. In a few minutes we will sit down to a meal of authentic Moroccan dinner made by her father, who is from the country. Therefore, my time to write is brief.

In Germany my parents and I successfully traced my paternal heritage to the village of its origin. We came to find out that in that region our family name is fairly common. Hopefully I will find more time to write about that later.

I left my parents last Wednesday and came to Angers, France, where I met a couple friends from home. Andrew and Natalie are studying abroad at the university there for the semester. They showed me around town and introduced me to French life. So far, it appears that many of the stereotypes about are unfortunately true. I still have time for France to prove me wrong though.

Tomorrow I will for Paris, and Natalie will join me in two days. Then we will go to the Normandy coast and rendezvous with Andrew in order to see Mont St. Michel. After that I will finally return to Eichstaett.

I smell the aroma from the kitchen, and don't want to keep my hosts waiting any longer. With the excitement of Paris around the corner I might not be able to post again until I'm back in Germany. In that event, look forward for another entry in a little more than a week.


mom said...

Nicholas it is good to read your post from our home computer. It is about 3am and Dad and I arrived back in the U.S. last night. Our Memphis flight from Chicago was delayed for about an hour and we didn't make it home until about 11:30pm April 2. Now with the time change and the lingering cough that is a result of my almost gone cold, I find it hard to sleep. We unpacked quickly and remanised our visits as we pulled out each of the souviniers. I am happy to report to you that your mask, worry beads, and Sami cup all made the trip in one piece. One of the glass bottle ships from Stockholm's Vasamuseet did not fair so well - it made it all the way from my suitcase packing in London to my Kitchen in Memphis where upon I dropped it and it broke!

Have fun on the remainder of your journey and we look forward to reading your updates on your blog from the comforts of our home.

Nick O. said...

Good to hear that most things returned safely.