13 April 2007

Done Deal

I returned to Eichstätt this past Monday and ended my once in a lifetime adventure. As my train rounded that bend in the Altmuhl valley and I caught my first glimpse of Willibaldsburg high on the ridge my heart felt like it leaped from one of the castle's walls. Spring enveloped Eichstätt while I was away, and bright flowers and green trees flourish around town. To change the landscape further, nearly 15 new Americans have arrived for this semester. Whether I like that change or not remains for me to see.

The quickly approaching semester has caused my mind to abruptly shift from trip planning to school planning. Since Monday I have been busy reviewing the course catalog and organizing my semester. However, the registration period for my home university back in America also began this week, so I have double the work load.

Because of this necessary work I have been unable to write a proper conclusion to the Odyssey, but rest asured that one is on the way.


Ann Forsyth said...

Hi, Nick - i have so enjoyed reading your blog and viewing the marvelous pictures you have taken from your many trips around Europe. They are fantastic, and I thank your Mom for sending them to me. I shall look forward to seeing others, should you have more travels after your present semester. You are having such a fantastic academic/social/travel experience, Nick, and with all your accompanying notes and pictures, you will never forget these wonderful days!!! I am so pleased to read your commentaries about all the activities that occur in the various cultures, an integral part of the geopgraphy that you are studying, as well. Continue to work hard on your academia, and have a great remainder of your European experience. Your family and I, as well, am most proud of all your accomplishments, Nick, and look forward to your next installments. With fondest personal regard, I remain, as always, one of your earliest Geography teachers, and you, an always excellent student, (Mrs.) Ann Forsyth

Nick O. said...

Thank you so much for the kind words. It means a lot to me for you to take the time to say those things. I'm glad my Mom told you about the blog and that you have been able to share in my experience. I have many have memories of your class, and it can even be said that some of your lessons about the world helped fuel my wanderlust. I thank you for that as well.